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CactusDashboard is made to let you
easily manage your bot or group licenses

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Create drops at scheduled times and plans for licenses!

  • No oversolds

  • Payment on the purchase page

  • Convenient creation of drops

  • View past drops

  • Much more


Convenient license key management! Allows you to manage custom keys however you like!

  • Different types of licenses

  • Editing, deleting and creature

  • View user

  • Activation management

  • Automatic renewal

  • Application authorization

  • And a lot more

Dashboard for your members

Your users will be able to view and manage complete information about their license key.

  • Main info

  • Auto-renewal

  • Autocreating channels for renew

  • Unbind

  • Bind

  • Activation management



$120 / Month

You get access to your admin panel, and your customers can use the dashboard and view license information.

  • Free test week

  • 24/7 Support

  • Constant updates

  • The cost does not depend on the money turnover


The price can vary depending on what exactly you need and the type of your business. To clarify the cost - contact us on the Discord server.

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